Aloha and welcome to the 2021 KBPA


Because we can’t hold the regular KBPA Christmas Parade this year, we invite you to wave signs along the usual parade route – the participants switching places with the spectators!

The route is on Waialae eastbound from 3rd (St. Louis Drive Inn) to Koko Head Avenue.

Your signs should contain a holiday greeting (“Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hannukah,” Happy Holidays” etc.) for Kaimuki residents passing by in cars and on foot. If you’re a business owner, feel free to display your company name and logo.

Please note following rules:

  • Signs must be held – they cannot be posted or mounted
  • Stay in safe public areas off the streets
  • Do not block sidewalks or driveways
  • Follow the latest Covid guidelines
  • Do not throw or distribute candy or other materials
  • Be respectful of your neighbors
  • Avoid horns or loud instruments that might distract drivers

Please enter your information below and your preferred intersection (if too many people want a certain intersection, we may ask you to change.). Mahalo!