The Kaimuki Business and Professional Association offers scholarships each year to four high school seniors in the Kaimuki neighborhood: Kaimuki High, Sacred Hearts, St. Louis, and Kaimuki Christian. The selected students must plan to attend a four-year accredited college or university in Hawaii or on the mainland.


Each scholarship awards $1,000 per student. The scholarship may be used to assist the student in the payment of tuition, fees, books, and room and board.


Application for 2019 scholarships will open February 1, 2019.





We asked our four winners to tell us "what Kaimuki means to me." Here's what they said:


Liza Marie Corotan

Kaimuki High School, 2018

Attending: University of Hawaii at Manoa



Kaimuki means discovering who you are, establishing close relationships, and opportunity for growth. The community is surrounded with local businesses that have been around for a while and I was fascinated by their determination of bringing ideas to life. An idea that came to mind was performing arts. I enjoy watching plays but being a part of it taught me how to work with one another and come together as a family. Kaimuki is my family. I’ve been shaped to create a solid foundation for myself and because the people of Kaimuki supported me growing up, my heart told me to give back to the students ensuring they, too have a solid foundation to succeed in what life has to offer.



Kimi Tokunaga

Sacred Hearts Academy, 2018

Attending: University of Portland



Kaimuki isn't just a place where I'd go to attend school every day, but instead it has been like a second home to my siblings and I throughout the years. This beautiful city has always had such wonderful local businesses and amazing people within it which truly creates its tight knit community that continues to share the aloha spirit of Hawaii with all. I've been able to learn, thrive, and grow as a young woman because of the warm and welcoming environment that Kaimuki is, and I am forever grateful for what this community has done for my family and me.



Yuzuha Shibata

Kaimuki Christian Academy, 2018

Attending: Macalester College



My relationships, hobbies, and academics have all blossomed within Kaimuki. I have grown both mentally and physically as I strengthened friendships at nearby parks and cafes, danced ballet at a studio which Kaimuki patrons peaked into during practices and challenged at a small school with excellent teachers who give their personal attention to each student. My development into the person I am today has occurred greatly within Kaimuki, which is why it will always hold immense significance to me.



Joseph Lyon

St. Louis High School, 2018

Attending: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Although I have lived in Mililani most of my life, Kaimuki has held a special place in my heart. When I began at Saint Louis in the 6th grade, I was unsure of this new environment. Luckily, I became quickly acquainted and comfortable in this "second home". My favorite breakfast and lunch restaurants are in Kaimuki. (Koa Pancake House and Sprout, respectively).  I learned everything from Geography to Calculus in Kaimuki. I learned how to be a gentleman and an upstanding citizen. I even learned how to catch the bus right here in Kaimuki! To me, Kaimuki will always be a place of learning and growth. Although I'll be spending less time in Kaimuki now, I will never forget the memories I have made in this one-of-a-kind town.



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