June 15, 2017


As I enter my second term as president of the Kaimuki Business & Professional Association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the great members who have contributed their time and expertise to our organization. One of the best things about being in the KBPA is getting to know like-minded people who share an interest in making Kaimuki an even better place to work and live.


Some extra special thanks to these folks as well:


Past president Calvin Hara, who gave a ton of time to the KBPA Christmas Parade and single-handedly coordinated the installation of Christmas lights at Kaimuki Park and our iconic Christmas tree at Puu O Kaimuki mini park. If that wasn’t enough, Calvin also coordinated two candidate forums: the Mayoral forum last fall and the Neighborhood Board forum this past spring.


Rev. Ron Arnold, also a past president, who has made our T-Shirt sales the focal point of fundraising for our scholarship fund. Ron, his wife Dee and other staff members of Kaimuki Christian Church - including the always helpful Linell Mathre - have spent considerable time making our t-shirt sales such a rousing success, from the initial design contest, to ordering, keeping track of inventory, and coordinating sales events at Long’s, Coffee Talk and City Mill.


Dori Baba, who led the effort for KBPA to adopt and maintain Kaimuki Park with a clean-up event last fall and with more on the way.


Sharon Schneider, who has not only helped KBPA activities, but also as founder of Envision Kaimuki - an organization that is doing a remarkable job of formulating a “big picture” vision for Kaimuki. KBPA is proud to partner with Envision Kaimuki with ongoing projects.


Rev. Irene Tanabe of Epiphany Episcopal Church, who is not only an active member of the organization, but in the past year has provided KBPA with a new home for our monthly meetings. She and her friendly staff always have the coffee brewing on second Tuesdays and their hospitality is greatly appreciated.


Keith Shimomura, Dori Baba, John Steelquist and Kevin Wu of the Scholarship Committee. They are the ones who solicited the students to apply, coordinated with the high schools. organized interviews and chose the recipients. The 2017 winners are listed on this website.


There are, of course, many more people who have given their time and efforts to KBPA events throughout the year and I want to thank everyone for their work. We all have busy lives, personally and professionally, and extra volunteer work - no matter how big or small - is greatly appreciated.


I am looking forward to another year at the KBPA helm and hope that even more people get involved - new faces are always welcome!




Mahlon Moore, President







KBPA members find that the organization's projects, leadership, and teamwork experience enable them to integrate into the community in a rewarding way. Through your participation in KBPA activities, you will have opportunities to:


  • Meet and network with businesses, professionals, and residents in the community.
  • Market your business in the community.
  • Keep yourself informed about current developments affecting the Kaimuki area.
  • Participate in the community activities and regular membership meetings.





KBPA has many committees that would welcome your talents and enthusiasm. If you would like to organize, implement, or join in any of our activities, please drop us a line and let us know what you're interested in.


  • Membership and Networking
  • Christmas Parade and Decorations
  • Public Relations and Social Media
  • Installation Dinner
  • Projects (parking lots, parks, etc)




  • Promote local business
  • Address issues affecting the Kaimuki business community
  • Networking
  • Scholarship program
  • Community events
  • Partnering with associated organizations




For over 70 years the Kaimuki Business and Professional Association has dedicated itself to serving the community and supporting the business environment of Kaimuki.


Economic setbacks and the development of Ala Moana Center and Kahala Mall drew business away from Kaimuki in the 50s and 60s. However, in recent years, Kaimuki Town has enjoyed a silent resurgence and become a destination for diners, families and others seeking good food, quaint shops and that old town feel. A testament to the ability of Kaimuki to draw people to its streets is shown by the large number of diners that are still willing to brave less-then-ideal parking to patronize a favorite Kaimuki restaurant.


KBPA continues to sponsor the state's longest running community Christmas parade, the Annual Kaimuki Christmas Parade. Government restrictions prohibit the glittering and colorful Christmas decorations that once spanned Waialae Avenue during the holiday season. However, the Kaimuki Christmas Parade continues to be a hit with residents and continues to generate exposure for Kaimuki as a destination.


The KBPA intends to continue the advancement of the local business community and to maintain Kaimuki's unique image of being a strong historical island town.




KBPA General Membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, 11:30am, in the Vestry Hall of the Epiphany Episcopal Church, 1041 10th Avenue in Kaimuki.





Mahlon Moore


1st Vice-President

Jennifer Lee


2nd Vice-President

Alvin Goo


3rd Vice-President

Sharon Schneider



Derek Kawano



Lynn Ruth


Immediate Past-President

Calvin Hara




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